2020 Black and White Horizontal Calendar printable designed by Printables for Moms on a desk with a laptop, vase with white and yellow flowers, white tea pot, and other office accessories.

2020 Black and White Horizontal Calendar

If you are looking to ring in the new year with a fresh calendar in hand, take a look at this 2020 black and white horizontal calendar.

The design to the calendar is simple yet elegant. It’s the perfect size for you to add it to your planner and the spaces are sized so that you can actually write things inside the boxes.

Because it is black and white, you can add color to it by using colored pens (I use and highly recommend these), stickers, and/or anything else you can dream up.

You could also keep a super clean and classy look and only use black ink. Whatever appeals the most to you.

2020 black and white horizontal calendar printable pages made by Printables for Moms displayed with a purple and yellow framed background.

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Since it is a free download, you could also just print off some of the months and mix and match with other calendars to give yourself a little variety.

You just need to print it out and fill in any appointments, events, or anything else you need to remember and you are set.

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How do you bind the calendar, anyway?

You could have the calendar spiral bound at an office supply store (it’s usually pretty inexpensive), use the ring binding method like this or this (personally I have only used the first item but many others prefer the 2nd one), or, my personal favorite, the ProClick binding method (you can sometimes find it on sale at a local office supply store too).

If you have never used ProClick before, try this sample set that comes with everything you need to try it out. They also have prepunched paper and sets of binding spines that you could use if you don’t want to invest in the binding punch. (I used to use the prepunched paper with the binding spines until I found myself using it so often that I invested in the binding punch. The only downfall to this method is you have to use the prepunched clear plastic covers. I’d rather print my own on cardstock, laminate it, then punch it.) Another place to find the binding spines for ProClick is here.

ProClick, in a nutshell, is a way to spiral bind planners, etc., in a way that they can be reopened and more pages added or removed. I use it more than any other binding method. I also like the rings but they are bulkier than ProClick spines which is the main reason why I use it more.

Need the printable to be a different size? Learn how to easily resize a PDF here.

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How do you prefer to bind your planners?

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