Vintage Style B&W calendar 2

2020 Vintage Style Black and White Calendar

Here is a 2020 Vintage Style Black and White Calendar. There is a horizontal and vertical option and they have adorable vintage looking animals on them!

I tried to make these the perfect size to look good and be functional. Have you ever downloaded a calendar only to discover there is no room to write anything in the tiny box for the date? I have, so I made sure to make room on these calendars to be able to actually write things on the calendar.

These calendars are dated so you don’t have to worry about filling in all of the dates–yay! I like undated calendars too but sometimes it is just so handy to have the dates all filled out and ready to go.

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Since these vintage style calendars are black and white maybe you want to use some colored pens to write on them? I really like these.

Looking for a black and white calendar with no images added? We have a horizontal option here and a vertical option here.

Download these free 2020 Vintage Style Black and White Calendars and let me know your thoughts.

Need the printable to be a different size? Learn how to easily resize a PDF here.

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