Bible Study Journal Page printables designed by Printables for Moms one with pink and the one with purple flowers on them laying on a pink wooden desk with a mug of coffee, a candle, and pen

Bible Study Journal Page

How do you study the Bible? I made this Bible Study Journal Page to be an easy guide for a daily Bible Study. Maybe you aren’t able to do an in depth study each day, or maybe you like to study the Bible using a variety of methods instead of the same ones each day, that’s fine. Use this Bible Study Journal Page whenever and however you’d like.

Bible Study Journal Pages printables designed by Printables for Moms with pink and purple flowers


Today’s Bible Reading

This is a place to write down the verses you are reading. Obviously, it is helpful to know which verses you read when looking back at this journal page. You can read chapters or just a few verses, follow a Bible reading schedule or make your own schedule—the important thing is that you are studying the Bible.

Verses I Want To Study More

Are there verses that you want to dig into deeper? You will write those here. Maybe you want to look up certain words in the verse in the original Hebrew or Greek language. Or perhaps you want to use a cross reference or concordance to study them more. Or maybe you just want to reread them several times to let them sink in. This space is for you to make note of those verses.

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Verses That Stood Out To Me

Which verses caught your attention? Which ones really seemed to strike a chord? Which ones seemed written just for you in this season of life? Write those verses here.

Bible Study Journal Page printables with purple and pink flowers
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Verses I Will Memorize

Write out the verses you want to memorize here. If there is not room to write out the entire verse, make a note of the reference here and write it out on a notecard, Post-it, or another piece of paper.

Writing out a verse will help you memorize it. It is also nice to have a place to jot down a verse that you’d like to memorize as you are reading the Bible so you don’t forget which one it was.

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My Favorite Verse & How It Spoke To Me

Do you have an absolute favorite verse from the passage(s) that you just read? Write it down here so you won’t forget it. And be sure to add how it challenged or encouraged you, filled you with hope or peace, and any other ways it spoke to you.

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How Will I Apply These Verses To My Life?

Take a few moments and reflect on all you just read. How can you apply those words to your life? What is your takeaway? Now jot down some ideas Bullet Journal style, or write a paragraph—whatever style suits you.

It is helpful to have a summary of how to apply these Scriptures to your life. You can read it in the future to refresh your memory on how God spoke to you through those specific verses.

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Do you like to study the Bible in this way? Is it helpful to write down what you study using a Bible Study Journal Page?

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