Christmas Coupon Book

Christmas Coupon Book For Kids

Would your kid enjoy a Christmas Coupon Book as a gift this year?

Sometimes you want to give your kids more than toys. You look around their rooms and see so many toys! Sure, some are educational, others they play with all the time, but really do they need that many?!

Try something different this year, make them a coupon book. There is a mostly pre-filled Christmas Coupon Book for you if you’d like to have it completed (or mostly completed, I did throw in a couple of blank pages at the end in case you have a few more coupons you’d like to throw in).

There is also Christmas Coupon Book that is completely blank. The sky is the limit for what types of coupons you could include in this one. You could go for some silly coupons that will make them laugh (maybe a “wear your clothes backwards today” coupon or “mommy has to wear her clothes backwards today” one). Or fun ones like “ice cream for dinner” or “play date at Grandma’s” (note–ask Grandma first, she’ll say yes).

There are four pages so plenty of room to add all different kinds of coupons. Make it memorable so your kids will look forward to you gifting it again next year, with different coupons, of course.

There is plenty of space so you can draw fun or cute little pictures to go along with the coupons. If you have a pre-reader you can even write the coupons with pictures instead of words.

You could also hint around that you’d like a Coupon Book and leave one all printed out and ready for them to find. Then they could make up coupons for you. Fair warning though, their coupons are likely to be way more creative than yours.

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How to assemble the book:

First, print it out, obviously (but I had to mention it). Next, cut along the black lines. Make sure the cover page is on the top (the “This Coupon Book Belongs To” page) and then stack all of the pages. Once they are all straightened staple the left short edge and…you have created a book!

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What coupons will you be sure to add to your kid’s Coupon Book?

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