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Christmas Gift List Printable

This Christmas Gift List printable gives you a place to keep track of all of the gifts you need to buy this holiday season. There are five different styles to choose from so you can be sure to find one to meet your needs.

Let’s take a look at all we can track on this Christmas Gift List printable page.


The first space is to put the name of the gift recipient. Pretty simple.

Budgeted Amount

Ok, I’m going out of order from the way it is listed on the paper, but it would be good to have a budget in mind before trying to come up with a gift idea. How much do you want (or are able to) spend on this person? Write it down on the space here.

Christmas Gift List printable with red Christmas decorations at the top laying on a white wooden desk with candy canes, a present, and some holly nearby.

Gift Idea

Next is a place to write down any gift ideas you have. It’s time to stop and really think about the person you are buying a gift for, think of their interests or anything they may need. When you have an idea, write it on the line under “Gift Idea”.

Need a brainstorm page with enough space to write down several ideas? Check here.

Christmas Gift List printable with images of gray presents at top
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Store Name

Now that you have your gift idea in mind, can you think of a store that may have that item? If so, jot it down under “Store Name”, or if you are like me, do some online research to see if they actually do have what you are looking for, if not, keep searching other stores until you find what you need.

Christmas Gift List printable with pictures of holiday cats and dogs on it, laying on the top of a marble desk with Christmas decorations on the desk too

Amount Spent

You will fill this out after you actually have gone to the store and bought the item (or purchased online), of course. Compare to the Budgeted Amount and see how you did!

Christmas Gift List printable with red Christmas decorations on it laying on the top of a white desk with wrapped presents nearby


Check this box to show that you have already bought the gift that you had in mind for this person on your list.

Christmas Gift List printable with clipart of red wrapped gifts at the top laying on a white table with white Christmas decorations


Once you have wrapped the present, check this box so you know that you are finished with this gift. All that is left is to give it to the person.

Now you know exactly what you will find on this Christmas Gift List printable. Above are all of the steps to check a person off of your list. You will repeat this process for each person on your list, easy peasy.

The hardest part will be choosing which style of the Christmas Gift List printable you want to print.

Christmas Gift List printable designed by Printables for Moms with white and red Christmas decorations in the background
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Need the printable to be a different size? Learn how to easily resize a PDF here.

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