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Daily Plan

This free Daily Plan printable gives you plenty of room to write out your plans and reminders for the day. There are places to fill out your top priorities, reminders, meal plan, exercise plan, activity tracking, water tracking, reminders to declutter your home & kitchen, and a place to write down your motivation for getting everything done.

Having a detailed plan of your day is the first step to seeing that everything gets done. The simple act of writing something out, like your exercise plan, makes it much more likely to get it done. If you have a plan to start with, it’s more likely you will achieve it.

Daily Plan printable designed by Printables for Moms with colorful diamonds to decorate the border.

Let’s go over all you can track on this Daily Plan printable:

Date Tracking

At the top of the page there is a convenient way to track the date by circling the month, date, and day of the week it. It can’t get any easier than that!

To Do List

Here is the place to write down all that you need to get done today. There is a place for you to write out your top priority–the one thing that you must get done today. Under that, write out any other things you need to do today and check them off as they are completed.


This is the “Remember To” section of the Daily Plan. Appointments, birthdays, or other special occasions would go here. Anything you need to remember, add to this section.

Daily Plan printable designed by Printables for Moms with pastel stars around the border laying on top of a white desk with blue and pink decorations around it
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Need a Weekly Plan instead? Look here.

Meal Plan

Write out your entire meal plan for the day–breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks. Do you need to defrost meat in the fridge to get ready for dinner? Add that to the “Dinner prep needed” box. Use the “Time I need to start dinner” box to plan out how long it will take to prepare dinner and what time you will need to start in order to get everything ready.

Drink Water

Do you drink enough water in a day? There are differing opinions on exactly how much you should drink, but most of us should drink more water. Color in or put an “x” over these glasses as you drink water throughout the day. Challenge yourself to drink even more water tomorrow.

Meal planning sheets designed by Printables for Moms

Make meal planning EASY with these FREE Meal Planning Sheets!

House & Kitchen Declutter

Spending a little bit of time doing a general declutter each day makes it all seem less overwhelming. Make sure all of the dishes are in the dish drainer or dishwasher and the counters are clear before you go to bed. You will feel so good walking into your kitchen in the morning with a clear countertop and sink! In the same way, put things back in order in your living room, picking up any toys that were left out, etc., each night before going to bed.

If you get into the habit of doing a general declutter each day before you sit to relax and unwind at the end of the day, you will discover that, instead of seeing things that need to be done or put away as you look around the room, you are actually able to relax. Declutter first, then relax.

Exercise Plan

Do you want to walk so many steps today? Jog around the neighborhood? Go to the gym for awhile? Write those down here. Making a plan is the first step to seeing it through.

I love these pens for writing in my planner. They are erasable!

Evening Family Activities & Games

If your child has a sport activity or practice, those can be recorded here. If you want to have a family game night, write out some ideas here.

End of Day

The “I will end my day with” box is a place to write down one thing that will be your motivation to get everything done today. Read a book, watch a movie, work on a craft or hobby. Pick whatever will be your motivation to work hard all day. Then, at the end of your day, make sure to spend some time doing what you chose–it will refresh you so you are ready to start all over tomorrow.

Remember, just making a plan makes it much more likely to get it done. Writing out the plan is an important step. You still have to do the work, but you can just follow along your plan for the day and check things off as you go.

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Do you find that writing out a plan for the day helps you stay on track? In what ways?

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