Gift Tags for Christmas printable with brown present with black ribbon on a desk

Gift Tags For Christmas

If you like to use gift tags for Christmas presents, read on. Here is your chance to score 23 different gift tags for free!

I’m guessing you will be giving out a few gifts this Christmas. Do you go all out with the wrapping? Using fancy wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows? Or do you like to use gift bags or boxes? Whichever you prefer, isn’t it fun to add a cute or pretty gift tag as a final touch?!

There are various shapes and sizes of gift tags, in many different colors and styles. I think you’ll be able to find a gift tag here for almost anyone.

You will notice most of them are the rectangular shape design. When I was making them I realized those would be much easier to cut out. I’m all about making the little things in life easier whenever we can.

I mean, we definitely grow during difficult and challenging times, but who wants those “difficult and challenging times” to happen when cutting out gift tags. Not me! (smile)

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These last eight designs are a little on the cuter side. I made them thinking about my kids. But I’ll be honest, sometimes I’d rather have something cute than pretty. So, they definitely aren’t just for kids.

Print them out on cardstock and either use tape to stick them on the gift, or punch a small hole through and use a piece of string. You could print them out on sticker paper if you want to make it even easier. I like sticker paper but I think it’s easy to go through the sticker sheets quickly, which can make it kind of pricey. You’ll find me printing these on good ol’ cardstock and using tape. You go ahead and do it whichever way works best for you.

Let them be the final motivation you need to finish wrapping up your presents.

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Which gift tag is your favorite? I have a hard time picking mine.

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