How Well Do You Know Your Mom Fun Quiz

It’s close to Mother’s Day which makes it a good time to give your kids a quiz. Not a school quiz, but a quiz about you. First ask them, “So, how well do you know your mom?” Then give them this quiz. Do they know you as well as they think they do?

If you’d like, print it off first and fill it out yourself so they can check their quiz after they finish. Or you can just verbally tell them your answers (after you hear theirs).

Motherhood is the biggest (and best!) responsibility you will ever be entrusted with in your lifetime. God uses you to help mold and shape your children into who He created them to be. What an honor!

It’s easy to look at the season of life you are in and be caught up in the challenges, but it’s worth the time and effort to intentionally focus on the blessings in the every day simple moments. Kids grow too quickly. It’s important to savor each moment with them. Whatever stage they are in right now.

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God doesn’t leave us on our own to figure things out. In the Bible, He models how to be a good parent (Father). He also encourages us and promises to give us strength as we rely on Him, instead of trying to do it all on our own.

That’s the trick, to realize we need to let go of our attempts to control it all and leave it in His hands, allowing His Spirit to work in our own hearts to make us more like Him. He gives us everything we need to make it through each day of motherhood.

How Well Do You Know Your Mom fun quiz printable
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So, whenever you are reading this, pause and think about your kids, then smile and enjoy whatever of season of life they are in right now. As you go throughout the day, stop and savor each sweet, fun, and even frustrating, thing that they do. Love and treasure them in this season.

And don’t forget to print this off and give it to your kids to fill out and see if they know you as well as they think you do.

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How Well Do You Know Your Mom fun quiz printable designed by Printables for Moms

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How well did your kids do on the “How Well Do I Know My Mom” fun quiz?

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