Notes with flowers and wood

Notes Page with Flowers

Looking for a new notes page to add to your planner? How about a lovely notes page with flowers–there are four distinct designs shown below.

We all have to write down notes at times, even if they are just quick scribbles. It’s important to have some notes pages added to your planner for those times. We’re talking vital here. (wink)

Ok, so not vital, but isn’t it more fun to scribble something down on beautiful paper? I prefer a variety of different notes pages spread throughout my planner, how about you? I enjoy writing on different designs–even for simple notes.

I’m going to be really honest, I have horrible handwriting. We’re talking HORRIBLE! Like “did a 1st grader write that?” kind of horrible. I know, I know, hanging my head in shame now.

I homeschool my oldest and when she was first learning handwriting I had the brilliant idea that I was going to practice along with her and improve my scribbles, I mean, handwriting.

Guess how that went–not well. I probably didn’t commit to it long enough to really see a change, or maybe I didn’t truly care enough, but, yeah, I still write like a child.

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Maybe this lovely paper will inspire you to write notes with a beautiful flowing handwriting. I hope so. Me? I’m probably just going to scribble what I need to write down quick. (Then squint and spend forever trying to decipher what I wrote later when I try to read it. Yeah, it’s an issue I forever face.)

Regardless of how your handwriting looks, enjoy this lovely paper!

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So, how are your handwriting skills?

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