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The goal of Printables for Moms is to provide you with tools to help your life run more smoothly. We aim to help you save time so you will have more time for creating, learning, and family time. And we want to help you save money so you can save more, pay down debt, and/or have the freedom to spend it on whatever you’d like!

Moms have a lot to juggle and keep track of every day. As a busy mom myself, I appreciate it when things are simple and easy.

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A Few Printing Tips:

  • If you will be spiral binding, using discs/rings, or using ProClick, I recommend using the printer setting “Actual Size” when printing these PDFs (this will reduce the margin around the page). (You can read more about Proclick in this blog post. It is my favorite way of binding printables.)
  • If you will be using a 3-ring-binder, I recommend using the “Fit” setting on your printer. (This will give you bigger margins and it shouldn’t cut off any of the design when you hole punch it–that’s never fun!)
  • If you are printing planner pages I suggest using a nice, thicker paper like this. If you are printing cover pages or wall art, I recommend using cardstock.
  • These pens are my go-to pens for all of my planners. They are erasable and write (& erase) great!
  • I use these repositionable tabs to bookmark the different sections of my planners and the current page I am on. They continue to stick great even after a year or more of moving their position daily! There are many different styles available, even different sizes. (Note: in my planner that I print on thicker, nicer paper, I have to remove them very carefully, or else occasionally they stick to the page, and pull off tiny pieces of the top layer of paper when removed. I have never had that issue with regular paper.)

Need this printable in a different size? Find out how to easily resize printables here.

Printer ink too expensive?

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If you are looking for a way to save a ton of money on ink, check out HP Instant Ink. If you have a wireless HP inkjet printer, I highly suggest you look into HP Instant Ink to see if it will work with your printer and save you money. If you sign up using this link you will get a free month of HP Instant Ink. (Disclosure–I will also get a free month if you sign up through that link. I use HP Instant Ink and only recommend it because it is a great way for me to save money on ink. It may be for you too.)

HP Instant Ink works by how many pages you print per month. You can print in color or black & white, and even use the highest quality print settings on your printer–it will cost the same! They have different plans available. You can check it out here. (That’s my referral link again.)

If you buy a new HP printer, DO NOT use my referral link to sign up UNTIL you have checked to see if your printer comes with a better deal. When I bought my HP printer a few years ago, it came with a 3 month free trial. That’s an even better deal!

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